Thursday, April 8, 2010


It stands to reason that there will be many more people looking to rent, if the wave of short sales and foreclosures continues. In fact, it seems hard to believe that in some suburban places there will ever be enough homes for rent. Still, there are houses out there that owners, for many reasons, choose to lease out.

If you have a home you wish to rent, what should you do? First of all, consider leaving some basic furnishings, if the renter needs them. Often corporate transferees rent for a while, before their families arrive. They usually make wonderful tenants, since they typically go home every weekend and work long hours when they are here. Secondly, be open to pets if possible. I never realized how many people have pets! It's certainly understandable that an owner wouldn't want animals, but it is possibly the biggest reason that tenants reject certain options. Finally, be as generous as possible with your appliances. It is a hardship to rent a home without laundry facilities, particularly in a town or region where there are few if any laundromats.

Most people who rent out homes over long periods of time have some story of the "renter from hell", just as most long-term tenants have encountered the "landlord from hell". However, there are many, many examples of positive experiences, and a little flexibility can go a long way.