Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good News All Around

We just finished our annual meeting at the New Haven Country Club. It's a beautiful day, and it was a great time to reflect on the past year and celebrate the recovering market! We sign many signs that real estate sales are improving; in fact, our first quarter numbers show a 34% increase in sales throughout our region, and a 15% increase in listings. We are proud to say that we made money last year, although we are looking forward to having it be a little easier this year. Consumers seem to be coming out of hibernation, and activity is definitely up.

Awards were given to our 20-year associates, and to our Chairman's Circle of top producers. Even in a challenging environment, the best agents always find a way to be successful, and we honored their accomplishments. Longevity is also important to us as a company, since we are a family business in its second generation.

We reviewed the many tools that our company has for marketing and sales. We have a first-class website, and are endeavoring to improve individual web pages. is a great resource, and we pay for enhanced service, so we emphasized those advantages, along with real estate tours (now uploaded to YouTube as well). Our agents also have access to a wonderful listing presentation service called Toolkit, as well as Xpress Docs, an online provider of marketing materials.

By focusing on these basic offerings, we have enhanced the service we provide for our clients. We are well-positioned to catch the recovery wave!