Thursday, March 24, 2016

Report from Nashville

It was almost surreal to be in Nashville this week.  After not having been there for the past nine years, it was hard to believe the growth and change.  82 people a day are moving to Nashville, and it seems as though everyone else in the country is visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame.  The streets downtown are as crowded at night as Times Square, and it's the country's #1 destination for bachelorette parties--who knew?

Corporations are moving to Nashville, and bringing plenty of employees with them.  Cranes and other signs of growth abound.  Prices for homes in the tonier neighborhoods are very high, and new hot spots are appearing.  Although they saw the same Great Recession as everywhere else, it certainly seems to be over!  Our friends at Zeitlin Realtors are looking to have a booming year, and were busy right through their traditionally slow season.  It wasn't springlike weather over the weekend, but the real estate market was.

Other companies also attending reported mixed growth in the first two months, but all are expecting a good year this year.  Rates are still low (but on the bubble of going up), and the main problem is a lack of inventory in many price ranges.  Fingers crossed!