Monday, November 2, 2009

Busy Time in Relocation

As many people may know by now, we have grown so much in our relocation services business that we spun it off and renamed it Pearce Plus, primarily because we use real estate companies other than our own in areas we don't serve (and, in some special circumstances, in our own area as well). We are serving as advisors and administrators for human resource departments about policies and procedures involved in relocating employees from around the world to New Haven, and, increasingly, from one place to another when New Haven isn't either the destination or the point of origination. For example, we may help a company here do a group move from California to Florida. We are also representing many senior living facilities in moving seniors through our Senior Services division, now also under the Pearce Plus banner. These activities are specialized and deserve to be separated out.

Other companies who do what we do are usually independent entities, although often they are under the umbrella of a real estate company (Cartus, for example) and use their own agencies wherever possible. Although our relocation employees operated indepedently, we thought that renaming our services would make the point more clearly to clients and to the public. We chose this point in time because it's so busy now. After a lull, when corporations were all putting their hiring on hold, we are seeing a spurt of new employees coming into the region. Seniors, of course, are often driven to sell by factors other than market timing, so that market is strong as well.

And, we must admit, it's nice to have something positive to report in these gloomy times!