Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Yesterday and today are the two biggest closing dates of the year, in no small part because no taxes need to be adjusted, as tax years run July 1st through June 30th. As a result, the tension level around real estate offices is very high these days. Not only are we dealing with all the problems of the current market, but sellers and buyers are under enormous stress, as they try to get into and out of homes quickly. Sometimes they are trying to get in while someone else is still trying to get out, which is one of the situations we've been faced with today.

It's the time I feel sorriest for real estate agents, who often take real abuse from overwrought clients. It's often that the clients disconnect their mouths from their brains, and blast the agent simply because he or she is lower on the food chain (meaning, simply because they can). Agents are usually very good about letting it roll off them, but they may not forget it quickly. I would write some of the things they say, but it wouldn't be family friendly!

In addition, agents often get asked to do the most menial tasks. Again, they usually comply, because they want their clients to be happy, but we have to laugh to ourselves. One agent's husband was amazed that she was driving 50 miles round trip this week at the request of her client, and buying a 6-pack of Coke and 2 Chicken a la King frozen dinners to be left in the refrigerator of a rental home.

It may be all in a day's work for the agent, but it's worth noting that they deserve some kudos for all that they do!