Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Bad Commercial News, and a Weather Report

Our latest few weeks of statistics show the problem in commercial real estate in our area. This week's report shows only one sale, of a 15,000 sf building, in all of New Haven County. Last week, there were three small leases, together totaling only 2600 sf. If you are a seller, and you're not selling, or a landlord, and you're not renting, you're not alone!

Maybe it's the weather. Does anyone remember us ever having worse weather for a month of summer? Our pool is still not up to 70 degrees, and I haven't been in it yet. I can't even bike much, since the roads always seem to be slick with rain. It's pretty good running weather, as long as you don't mind getting a little wet. I know that I'll be complaining about the heat soon (maybe even when I run on the track tonight), but I'm ready for some sunshine!

We are hoping that the delay of summer will cause real estate sales to keep happening, instead of slowing down next week, as they normally would. That would certainly be a silver lining to the cloud that's been sitting over New Haven for the last month!