Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Listing Prices and Offers

This morning at our New Haven office sales meeting, agents were saying that people still want to price their properties too high for the current market. We went on to recount numerous stories both good and bad; people who priced too high and ended up with very low offers, and people who went lower and got multiple bids over the asking price. We believe that buyers know the market conditions, and that they will correctly gauge where offers should be. When it looks like a bargain, they know to bid high. When it looks too high, however, most people deduct too much, figuring that they are in for a long round of negotiations. And, of course, that's exactly what that seller was thinking when he listed too high--a self-fulfilling prophecy all around. Agents told stories of people who ended up selling for too little by using this latter method.

We agreed that sellers don't realize that most buyers search by price. That is, they go onto the internet, our website, or, and they enter the sales price they want to pay. Therefore, if you list your property at $400,000, hoping to get around $350,000, a person who can pay $350,000 may never see your home, because they would be searching in a range that would not include your asking price. So, even though you might be willing to bargain, you may never get that chance, because the above buyer will be out looking at houses listed in his price range. Once you realize the way the process usually works, you will understand why Realtors push so hard to get you into the range that will give your property the maximum exposure, and therefore the greatest chance of selling.