Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Holding Things Together

Well, activity in the real estate market has certainly picked up, but it's very hard to keep the transactions together until the closing. Agents are reporting that people are looking, they're coming to open houses, they're making offers, and they're even signing contracts. After that point, it gets iffy. Inspections are problematic, but at this point the financing clause is proving the most difficult. Sometimes the buyers don't know how much they'll be asked to put down, and they don't have the cash they need. Sometimes the appraisals don't support the sales price, particularly in neighborhoods where demand is highest. Sometimes the rates or mortgage programs have changed, or the buyers don't have the qualifications they need to get the rate they thought they could. Even when the mortgage is approved, buyers can get cold feet if they know that the bank appraised the property for less than they are paying.

All in all, it proves the old adage: It isn't over til the fat lady sings.