Friday, January 16, 2009

Vacation post

Just a quick update from Scottsdale. It feels mean to say that it's 77 degrees and sunny here every day, when there is so much cold and snow in Connecticut! But everybody needs a break, and this is mine. I run a lot, read a lot, and just generally chill out. We've played golf, shopped, and fiddled around.

Phoenix has been very badly hit by the economic downturn, and it shows how lucky we are in our region not to have the tremendous overbuilding that exists here. There are shopping centers and restaurants on every corner; it's hard to imagine where all the business can come from to keep them afloat. They've had phenomenal job growth here as well, but now they're just ahead of Detroit in new job growth, so the party's over. Our education and health care-based economy looks pretty good in comparison.