Monday, January 5, 2009

Summing up 2008

As the new year begins, we're taking stock of how we ended last year. The news is not quite as bleak at H. Pearce as one might have thought. We're down a little over 15% in commissions earned from the year before. Since that takes into account that prices fell, reducing commissions due, plus that numbers of sales fell, we did very well compared to the market as a whole. One of the agents brought in a check on December 31st and told me that 2008 was her best year ever. More agents than I would have thought could say the same thing. In fact, a couple of months ago I checked an earnings report, and noted that 52% of our agents were ahead at that point of their earnings from 2007. That may have changed somewhat by the end of the year, but probably not by that much. It shows that, in this difficult market, whom you choose to sell your property matters. Good agents are more valuable than ever.

We're still waiting to see whether we made a profit as a company in 2008. It's close enough that we can't tell yet. That's good news in this economy! We look forward to making money in 2009, in part by concentrating on the things that will increase: relocation; rentals; appraisals; refinancings; and short sales, in addition to our regular business.

On another note, the running season began with a very cold and snowy Frostbite 5K in Guilford on Thursday morning. The sun was bright, but the snow wasn't all melted and the winds were whipping across the Guilford fairgrounds and the town dock, so all the times were slow. Well over 300 people braved the elements, though. Joel Galvin represented H. Pearce with his wife, Nan, as they helped to man the Guilford Rotary benefit race.