Sunday, December 28, 2008

2009 Can't Come Too Soon

We real estaters are eagerly awaiting the drop of the ball in Times Square, so that the page can turn from 2008 to 2009, when we fervently hope that consumers will start buying real estate again. On my run this morning, I was explaining to one of my friends that it DOES make sense to trade up, since he will save more on the new house than he will "lose" selling the old one in this market. When will people stop putting their lives on hold? Of course, I'm biased.

I've been thinking a lot about consumer behavior over the past few days. We went to see Frost/Nixon in the Connecticut Post Mall, and discovered that the world is indeed still flocking to malls, or at least they were there, searching for bargains, on the day after Christmas. Movies seem to be attracting crowds, as we've seen on our movie binge after Christmas. In addition to Frost/Nixon, we saw Milk and Doubt. Of the three, Milk stands out as an amazing film; of course, I did see the play versions of the other two, so the suspense wasn't there. We saw all those movies after seeing several plays in a row at the start of the month. We loved A Civil War Christmas at Long Wharf Theatre, Rough Crossing at Yale Rep, and Mamma Mia at the Shubert, plus I also enjoyed Sister's Christmas Catechism at Long Wharf. It's amazing to be able to live in a small city like New Haven and see such a broad diversity of great theater. A Civil War Christmas, in particular, I expect to see popping up all over the country in the next few years--but we saw it here first!

According to other friends, liquor is selling, beauty salons are doing well, and restaurants seem to be holding their own. The last fact really puzzles me, and maybe it's not true. It seems as though eating out would be the first luxury to go, before you stop buying cars and clothes. I went into a clothing chain store yesterday, and the clothes seem to be selling for less than the cloth alone would cost. I'm glad that all you need to run is a pair of sneakers!