Thursday, June 7, 2018

We're Turning 60!

This week is Pearce Real Estate's 60th anniversary, and we're celebrating!  My father founded the company in 1958, after a 20-plus year career at the A.C. Gilbert toy company (now turned into artists' studios on Peck Street in New Haven).  Perhaps selling erector sets made him long to sell real buildings, and, early in his career, he actually sold the Gilbert building, after the company was downsized and sold.

Our original location, on State Street in North Haven, has been doubled twice, and we are still headquartered in that building today.  Over the years, we spread our territory, first to the Shoreline, and then to other commercial locations in Greater Hartford and in Milford, but we always have maintained our core principles of local independent real estate expertise and community service.  All eight offices today are filled with dedicated professionals who pride themselves on knowledge and integrity.

We'd like to think that we have indeed made Connecticut better over our 60 years in business.  In addition to providing thousands of hours of human service, and millions of dollars, to all kinds of non-profit organizations around the State, we have changed its landscape.  We have developed housing around the Greater New Haven region for most of that period.  With Don Lippincott, my father developed first an industrial park at Exit 10, and then what became in effect a regional mall at Exit 9.  The latter involved building a road and bridge, which is now called the Herbert H. Pearce and Donald B. Lippincott Commemorative Bridge, and leads to Home Depot, Target, and many other destinations.

His capstone project was New Haven's first mixed-use development, known as Whitney Grove Square.  It has shopping, office, residential, and parking at one location, with a bigger garage across the street. It was instrumental in moving people up from the Green to Whitney Avenue and Grove Street.  Buyers lined up through the night to buy the condos when they went on sale in 1986.  Many residents of the region now live in the heart of downtown New Haven, but it was unusual at the time.

We're proud of history, and of the perseverance that it has taken to survive and thrive for all of those 60 years.  We're prouder still of our associates, current and retired, who allowed us to do so.  And we are grateful most of all to the thousands of clients who have entrusted us with their sales, purchases, and rentals, for decades, and often for generations of the same families and corporations.  We look forward to the future, and know that it will be bright.