Thursday, May 3, 2018

Differing Reports on CT Real Estate

We get periodic updates from various sources concerning the state of the real estate market in Connecticut.  The latest two that I've read say exactly opposite things.  One said that units are way up, but prices are down.  The other said that prices are way up, but that units are down.

Could both those findings be true?  It doesn't seem likely, but it does show that the market in our area is in transition, and that it isn't all one condition everywhere.  What it most likely means is that there is a lot of interest from first-time homebuyers on the lower end of the price range, so that those prices may be rising.  Once you get to a certain price point, which varies by region, the results show that there are caps on neighborhoods, meaning that homes don't sell above a given price, regardless of quality or size.  Therefore, we can still see downward trends, particularly in the upper brackets.

There are also discrepancies in similar reports, depending on exactly what they measure, and over what time periods.  For us at Pearce, this winter was remarkably good, despite the weather.  We see a lot of "Yale effect", so that our offices are busy when Yale puts out its offers for the following year.  A more traditional pattern of spring-summer sales exists in other locations.

 I guess the real point is that you can say anything at all, and find the statistics that will back you up!  We do know, however, that when the market is changing, it is probably going up.  Downturns tend to be more sudden, and often involve dead stops.  So, if you want to bet one way or the other, I'd say that the market is one in which buyers should move, and sellers should stay flexible.