Sunday, March 12, 2017

We're Excited about Homesnap

The Connecticut Multiple Listing Service (CTMLS) is offering Homesnap to all of us now.  We think that consumers will absolutely love this free app, which is a cross between Zillow,,  and SoundHound.  That means that you can take a picture with your phone or iPad of any home you see; if it's not listed, you will get exterior and public information.  If it is listed, you will get what you would see on, all without having to do anything except point and click. In addition, by signing up, you can get updates every time something in your desired area comes on the market. If you sign up through an agent, it will be branded with that agent's info, and the agent will also have a record of what you're seeing.  This has the potential to make homebuying so much easier!

I've been playing around with the app this weekend, whenever it's too cold to do anything else--so I've clearly had a lot of time to spend!  I think this app will replace a bunch of others, since it combines so many great features into one delivery package.  At Pearce, we are busy training all of our agents on Homesnap, and we will soon be inviting you to come and join us.  In the meantime, you can certainly go on as a guest, and see whatever there is to see from the road, every time you have a few extra minutes.  If you're a fan of trolling on Zillow, this app's definitely for you.  I'm hoping that it will soon be available for commercial properties as well, but, for now, it's just great to have this new tool, in time for the spring market.