Thursday, January 26, 2017


If you live in a town or city that is currently going through the revaluation process, or in one that will be doing it this year, shouldn't you be talking to your Realtor about what the real selling price of your property might be?  Many people look at their stock portfolios every month in report form, but few actually talk to a professional regularly about home values.  Since Connecticut has been veering farther and farther from the national trend lines, it's not always so easy to figure it out from AP articles or national publications.  Even values street by street can vary the estimate.

For those just getting letters about new tax assessment figures, we urge you to call us, and compare what we might have to say against the townwide appraisal numbers.  Even if  you aren't ready to sell right now, it's often easier to fix a mistake (and they aren't that rare), or protest a valuation, before they take effect.  Every city and town has dates by which the informal hearings must be held, and procedures surrounding any request for reduction.  We deal with this all the time, and are happy to share our knowledge with past and future clients.