Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dynamic Pricing

One of the tools we acquired when we all took Ninja Training was the ability to help sellers by showing them "dynamic pricing", which graphs sales and listings in a town or neighborhood.  It shows, in some cases, a clear advantage for one season over another.  It also allows agents to help owners price correctly, by judging the market as it moves, and putting new listings on at competitive and compelling prices.

This information can be helpful to buyers, too, as there are times when offers will not have much competition, and prices may be lower.  Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we know that the process for deciding to purchase or sell is longer than the lead times for most other consumer transactions.  Our website visits, in fact, peak in the winter months, when people begin to look at possibilities and market trends. 

Therefore, it can make a lot of sense to bring in a professional advisor earlier in the process--in fact, it's one of the data points associated with better real estate transaction results.  So don't feel that you have to wait until you are ready to look or list--we are here year round, and we prefer to gather information over time.  Sellers often need to do work, and consultation ahead of time lets them show their homes to best advantage.  Buyers often need to be qualified, and can come out of that process with a to do list for improving credit scores, or avoiding drops. 

So don't let the winter season pass you by!  As I've written before, our selling season starts earlier in many parts of our market than most realize, and the early bird can catch those sales.  If you are a buyer, you shouldn't even wait that long--rates have already begun to rise.  Should you have a lull in this busy season, give us a call.  If not, then make a note to do so as soon in the New Year as you get the chance.  We're ready to assist you.