Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Under All is the Land

I taught the Ethics course required by the National Association of Realtors this week to commercial Realtors from around the state.  The Code of Ethics has been around since 1913, and we go over it in continuing education throughout our careers.  It's always a good reminder, although the application of  the Golden Rule would be enough to cover most situations.   I was reminded that the Code begins by saying "Under all is the land", and that underscores the fact that what Realtors do goes to the heart of the American dream and way of life.

Wherever you live, and wherever you work, play, pray, and shop, you are in buildings and homes that are built on the land that makes up our country.  Realtors and real estate are integral parts of putting families and businesses in homes and commercial spaces, which is an important why we do what we do.

 And it's one of the things we're grateful for this Thanksgiving, and every day--our clients and their trust in us. We are happy if we have been a part of locating your holiday table in its current location!  May your Thanksgiving be full of peace and joy, with thanks and best wishes from all of us at Pearce Real Estate.