Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Showings and Sales

One of our colleagues has determined a linear relationship between showings in the first week of a listing, and eventual sales price.  While we all know that overpriced listings eventually sell for less than properties priced "correctly", we know now that you can tell that right away, by the interest at the very start of the listing period.  When a listing goes live, it needs to start having showings right away, in order to be statistically likely to sell quickly and at a good price.  If people notified or searching see something that they believe is uncompetitive, relative to other listings that they've seen, they won't rush to see it.  And it won't sell for as much, then or ever.  So pay lots of attention to what you list your property at, and be very wary of the argument that "it's worth trying it first, at the higher price".  You may regret it later.