Monday, May 9, 2016

Let the Sun Shine In

It feels as though we just finished an epic stretch of cloudy weather.  I forgot what the sun icon looked like in the forecast!  As I write this, it looks as though the sun outside may hang around for a few days.  It's time to make hay while the sun shines, and buy some property!

Many of us have moved in heat, rain, or otherwise less than ideal weather.  I've moved one child into college and one child out of college in a downpour, and I don't remember either move fondly.  It's different, though, for buying.  Unless you are relocating, and are under the gun to buy, or unless you know exactly what you want and can grab it when you see it, it's often the sunny days that result in offers.

Sun makes most things look more appealing.  It's often hard to separate flaws from the overall gloomy feeling that you get when it's dark and damp, so sometimes we can't get excited about what we see under those conditions.  Sunny days speak of hope and promise, and most of us respond to that.  Since we are in the midst of buying season, and since the sun is finally out, it's time to look again, and make those offers while the sun is bright!