Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Haven is Finally Normal!

Every month, we post the absorption rates for our region, and compare them to last month, and last year.  What we don't do is compare them to everywhere else.  Around the country, most areas have inventories far too small for the demand they see.  A healthy inventory would be considered 3 to 6 months' supply.  We haven't been seeing those numbers in years, for the most part. 

If you check this week's posting, you will see that New Haven clocks in at a very respectable 4.4 months of supply, meaning that it would take 4.4 months to sell all of the current houses on the market at current sales levels.  That's pretty much dead center in the "healthy" category, and is promising for 2016 sales.  Of course, inventory levels are always lowest at the start of the year, and can go up if people start listing before others start buying, but, for now, let's just rejoice that we are again normal!