Friday, September 4, 2015

Have You Checked Your Real Estate Portfolio?

Given the current volatility of the stock market, many people I know having been talking to financial advisors, and checking regularly on the value of their stock portfolios. Although I subscribe to a different philosophy--don't check what you can't do anything about, so only look if you are planning to make changes---there are certainly many reasons for knowing the approximate value of your holdings.

Of course, your net worth also takes into consideration the value of the real estate you own.  So, when making financial decisions, it is sensible to know what is happening to the value of your real estate, even if you are not planning to sell in the immediate future. This makes me think that there are lots of people who are going to wonder what their properties are worth, and what percentage that would be now of their total holdings. 

This is a service we provide, and I encourage you to call your agent to see what property values are doing in your neighborhood, or check our website for information. Who knows?  Since real estate is tangible and limited in supply, you might even decide to buy more!