Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Have Buyers, Need Listings

OK, so we officially don't know when the hot times in our market start and stop. We had a slow (weather-related) winter last year, a very late spring, then a roaring summer, which screeched to an abrupt halt in August, and never returned. Now we are seeing big increases in buyer traffic to our sites, and people looking for houses that aren't yet on the market, even though it's freezing cold and it snowed yesterday. So the market is different year by year, and can only be predicted in arrears. The real takeaway here is that buyers are out now--in early January--and we have little or nothing to show them. Sellers, here is your chance! If your home is well-maintained and well-priced, you might get your best results by listing right now. There's no need to wait until spring, when more competition gets listed, especially since Yale and Yale-New Haven Hospital make their employment offers before spring even starts. Why wait? Get a jump on your 2015 goals, and call us today!