Friday, September 13, 2013

The Timing for 2013 is Still Off

I've reported before that Connecticut lost a month in February, due to the Great Blizzard, and that everything was later than usual this spring, from food to flowers to sales. Spring was very slow in arriving, with cold temperatures and lots of rain into June.

 It's interesting that, in this day and age, weather still plays such a large role. People are disinclined to look at property in snow and rain, and sellers know that their properties won't show to best advantage on dark, dreary, wet days.  However, lives go on, and moves are necessary, so we found this year that the summer was much busier than usual.  Even with temperatures in the nineties, July was hopping.  August was full of closings, with one of our offices having the best month it has ever had in any season!

Late August brought cooler weather--briefly--and September entered, with holidays and schools starting, and, surprisingly, it's slow.  The past two weeks have been quiet, with few phone calls and new listings.  We're certainly ahead of last year, but we're not on the same timeline.  It may be a booming holiday season, if the traditional fall market goes into November and even December!