Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Brand New Q Bridge

People have been wondering what would happen to real estate sales along the Shoreline when the new bridge was finished.  We can now access most of the new capacity, and, although it's summer and fewer cars come in each morning, there is a definite difference in the traffic over the bridge.  In fact, on the way out, traffic tends to slow now either after Exit 51 in East Haven, or at Exit 54 in Branford.  The merge is still an issue coming south on I91, but it isn't really different from going toward NY at that point.  All in all, the traffic from the Shoreline is now comparable to that coming from every other direction, and is spread out over many days in the summer, instead of being crunched into a Friday afternoon window. 

It seems to me that people moving here from other places would no longer eliminate the Shoreline because of traffic, especially if their commutes are early in the AM.  One extra lane has made a big difference, and our backups seem minor compared to what most commuters face in other parts of the country and the world. 

This should also be combined with the addition of services along the Shoreline that didn't used to exist there, especially the recent proliferation of medical services in Guilford and points east.  Residents of the Shoreline now have access to emergency care without a lengthy drive, and can schedule most tests and much elective surgery within easy driving distance. 

Will we see a surge in buyers along the Shoreline?  Maybe so!