Monday, November 12, 2012

Returning to Normal

It's amazing how a couple of natural disasters can throw a wrench into real estate sales.  Some of us were just getting power back from Hurricane Sandy (including me--48 hours after our daughter in Lower Manhattan!) when the first nor'easter of the season hit.  Snow began falling mid-morning last Wednesday, and, by the time I was back in my office from an appointment in Milford, it was coming down like crazy.  I looked on to see what the prediction was, only to find that it was claiming that only rain was coming down now, and only rain would fall until evening.  Knowing that rain isn't white and that it doesn't stick to the ground, I was skeptical, but worked until high tide flood warnings sent me home just before dark.    Even right along the shoreline, there was enough snow to tie up all the roads and make it dicey getting up my driveway.  I was very grateful that my speaking panel and dinner in Hartford had been cancelled a few hours before!

When my kids were in school, they of course loved snow days--what kid doesn't?  I taught them early on that the sound of a ringing phone in a snowstorm was the sound of someone cancelling his or her real estate showing.  Very, very few people buy real estate in terrible weather.  That makes almost two weeks of few real estate appointments, with Thanksgiving coming next week, on the earliest day it can possibly fall.  Does that mean that the season for sales will last beyond Thanksgiving this year?  Let's hope so!