Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cell Phone Etiquette

We brought up an interesting issue in our sales meeting this morning.  Often our clients expect that we will answer our cellphones at any time and in any place that we might be, because, of course, to them their issues are urgent and our input is often necessary.  Unfortunately, those are sometimes the very same people who complain when we are with them that we shouldn't be taking other calls.

Agents tend to feel one way or the other.  Either they take all their calls, and tell you as the client that you can always reach them, or they hold their calls while they are with clients, and tell clients calling that they will have to wait.  I can see both sides of this issue, and was wondering how you readers feel.

Of course, like all parents, I'm always afraid not to take a call from my kids. In my case, especially since the time that my daughter's school called right back while I was in an important meeting, so I let it go to voice mail and she spent the whole day in the nurse's office....I'm sure it will come up someday, when she wants to make me feel even worse!  In the meantime, I'm going to try to turn my phone off more often.  And you?