Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fenway Park South

We went to my brother-in-law's house in New Jersey for Thanksgiving. He lives outside of Princeton, in a nice residential neighborhood with very large homes (dare I say McMansions?). We hadn't been in many months, and, in the interim, he had undertaken a large renovation of their basement. He has recreated Fenway Park, from the Citgo sign and the Jimmy Fund emblem to the concession stand. He even bought seats when the Red Sox got new ones, and they are lined up in front of his 100-inch television screeen. He has the Green Monster painted on tin underneath the TV, done by a woman who travels by trailer from renovation to renovation around the country. (Who knew this was a business?)

But there's more! There is a concession stand in one corner, complete with official Red Sox peanuts and other snacks. The family has outfits identical to those worn by real Fenway Park workers. They have a pool table on one end, inlaid with the correct insignia. I'm impressed, and I don't watch baseball.

So here's the real estate question: What does it do for the value of their home? You can be the judge. There is one nod to the Yankees fans who come--they have Yankees toilet paper.