Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finally, an Upturn

I was looking at our financial results from last month recently, and I began by just checking our numbers, which didn't seem great. Then I compared them to the column from last year at this time, and I almost began dancing around the office. The numbers that I thought were mediocre (and they were) were 80% better than at this time last year!

This proves the old adage that everything is relative. If something is bad enough, anything else can be an improvement. While that may seem obvious, the effect may not be. If many people--especially buyers--start believing in this upturn, a little improvement can turn into a good market.

It did feel at the beginning of the year that there was a widespread feeling that this recession had gone on long enough. Everyone seemed to be ready to turn the page. Now we can add a little proof that this may indeed be so.

And just in time for spring!