Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Market Inventory

We recently received a market inventory study from Madison, Wisconsin, showing that higher-end properties were not selling and lower ones were. Not a big surprise, but we decided to look at our market. What we found was similar, and striking.

Properties over $700,000 are less than 3% of sales now, there are enough homes in that range on the market to represent more than a year's supply, and the sales have fallen almost in half from last year. At the lower end, under $300,000, there exists only a supply of two and a half months, sales have risen by a third, and they represent 41% of all sales. While we knew that first-time homebuyers were driving the current market, it's still fascinating to see that laid out in statistics.

Overall, in our region, prices have fallen 15% since the same time last year. If you put all these facts together, what it tells you is that you are more likely to sell your home quickly if it's in a lower price range and you price it aggressively. But you knew that already!