Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Second Quarter Results

A little silver lining to the real estate cloud--our second quarter results show definite improvement over the statistics of the first quarter. It's still bad, but getting better. The whole Northeast is down about 13%, and this area is about the same. If you multiply that times the decrease in the average price, you get a decline of about 23% from last year. That number includes a lot of foreclosure real estate, which usually transfers at lower prices, so the H. Pearce numbers look better. Our second quarter was less than 10% off from the year before. It tells you something about the past couple of years that such a result would make us happy!

When asked what I thought would happen in the last half of the year, I predicted a further narrowing of the decline. Although prices may fall more in some areas, it looks as though activity will not go down further, due to a combination of consumer confidence and government support.

The numbers also seem to show that people who use a Realtor get more for their homes than people who do not. While this can be explained in a number of ways, I have little incentive to argue with it!