Thursday, June 11, 2009


With the recent spate of real estate activity, we were hoping to see sellers more realistic than many are. This is my chance to remind them that, given the current credit climate, it doesn't help them to extract the last dollar in the sales contract, if the home then does not appraise out. Banks are understandably cautious these days, and many people don't have extra money to put down, so they are dependent upon an appraisal that will support maximum financing. Even if they do put plan to put a little more down, buyers will likely balk at paying more than the bank's appraised value for property, particularly in a market less than robust. It's funny (well, maybe that's not the word...) how the problem in getting transactions from A to Z has moved through the process, from listing to offers to inspections to financing. Let's hope that it moves right out of the system!

I'm also wondering whether the spring market will last further into the summer, especially since it seems to rain EVERY day. We got a late start, more due to economics than weather, but often a late start means a longer season for selling. We could use the time to try to catch up to last year throughout the region.