Thursday, May 28, 2009

National Statistics

In trying to make sense of national statistics on real estate sales, I have been reading a number of different sources. One I received today was from a friend with a real estate company in Madison, Wisconsin. He sent a link to the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac numbers, which include all resales with conforming loans, and are divided by state and by quarter. These are different from the Case-Shiller numbers, which only cover 20 metropolitan areas. The numbers for CT in the Fannie Mae index indicate that prices fell most sharply last year, and that overall prices have fallen about 15% in total. The numbers for the latest quarter indicate that prices have levelled off for now.

These figures agree pretty well with what the New York Times reported this morning. The article in the Times said that prices in the past month actually crept up from the month before. That could be because of the mix of properties sold, but it does indicate that some people who were on the fence have jumped back into the market.

The third source, the Commercial Record, shows town by town variations in what has sold this year versus last. Again, it shows increased activity lately, although the first quarter was pretty dismal.

Whichever measurement we use, it seems to corroborate that we have at least and at last hit bottom, and are looking forward to heading up!