Monday, February 9, 2009

Testifying in Hartford

I went up to the Capitol today, to testify before the Finance Committee about its proposed bill to increase fees and extend the sales tax to professional services of all kinds. CBIA sent me information about the bill, and the CT Association of Realtors added more. My testimony, which was the first from the public attendees, basically tried to give them a flavor of what it's like to be running a small business in CT--or anywhere, I guess--these days, and to let them know that I thought that they should cut their expenses, as I have mine, before talking about increased taxes. The last thing we need, or want, now is more to pay! An extension of the sales tax would mean that every seller, on top of paying the bank, the broker, the adjustments, and the conveyance tax (see, they're already getting their share), would now pay 6% of the commission and 6% of the lawyer's closing fees. Why do they always think it's a good idea to tax people who are selling things, as though they necessarily have extra cash to throw around? And what makes them think that I can pay extra license fees now? Or pay people to collect and remit sales tax? Talk about kicking someone when she's down!

Don't make the mistake of thinking that increased fees and professional taxes and other proposals won't affect you--in the end, they will. Maybe they should take away the House and Senate's free family medical care for life, before they come after the rest of us. We all need to do our share, but the way to go about it is to cut your expenses before you say what you need in extra revenue. And I sure wish I could just ask for more revenue!