Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring Inventory

I ran our Wallingford Regional office meeting this morning. We went through the list of every listing we have in that office, and, as usual these days, we thought almost 90% of them were not going to sell at their current price. Sometimes it's not because of what we would consider inherent overpricing, but rather that something about the layout, the condition, the price range, or the location is causing it not to sell; in the end, though, often the only way to fix the problem is by--you guessed it--lowering the price.

At the same meeting, however, we discussed properties that went quickly and with multiple offers. We therefore concluded that, since much of our inventory was going to sit for the foreseeable future, we were short on listings for the spring market. We need more of the homes that people want to buy, in neighborhoods where they want to live.

Before deciding what to do as a seller, then, you need to consider this bifurcated market, and figure out where your home will fall. If you live in an area where employment is stable and newcomers are entering, this is a great time to list. And do it quickly, before the rush begins. There's always something to fix, or clean, or de-clutter, and you don't want to miss the spring market.