Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Connecticut Commercial Real Estate Now

We had an interesting Commercial Department meeting this morning. One of the agents said that the selection of good commercial properties in our area is the best that it's been in a long time. Well-located, well-priced buildings are now on the market, for buyers who can come up with the financing. Based on what else we are hearing, that may mean that they have to have cash! Even that is not a total bar, as there are many investors around who do have access to cash or capital from others. While some may suggest that it's best to wait until prices fall further, I'm not sure that we know enough about the stimulus plan to know when that will be (or even if it's now!).

Well, it's snowing AGAIN. Since no one buys real estate in the snow, my only question for the rest of the day is whether yoga will be held. Yoga is one of the arrows in a real estate broker's quiver these days--whatever calms you down is good.