Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Sweet Surprise

Well, it's snowing, so winter must be here! It's beautiful, but I'd be willing to wait for snow until the Christmas rush is done. This week is a blur of Christmas parties, Board meetings, and holiday preparations. I don't even have our Christmas cards out yet.

One really good thing has happened this week so far, though. I was reading the Commercial Record Monday morning, and I saw that we were voted as the best statewide real estate company by readers in an online poll! I usually think that those contests are rigged, but we didn't even know that this one was going on, which made the results particularly sweet. I was also happy to see that our joint venture mortgage partner, Webster Bank, was voted as best community bank. We think so, too! What's most encouraging is that the people who would have voted in this contest, who are bankers, lawyers, and real estate professionals, understand that national firms aren't better. In fact, they seem to feel that they aren't quite as good!